Seriously, how can you go wrong with any kind of cereal mixed with marshmallow??

If you are ever near Naples in California, I suggest stopping at THIS PLACE.

Lomo LC-A / Porta 160vc


Shad Johnson. Old School BMX enthusiast, GOODS owner and overall nice guy.

Panasonic DMC-LX2

June Gloom?

Jim Bauer and I had hit up Rubio’s one day for lunch. After placing your order, the lady asks for your name so they can call you up later to retrieve your food.

Somehow, they got my name right, but got his way wrong…


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So this car show decides to be going on the one day I drive to get breakfast burritos. Parking was a bitch, and our burritos were getting cold.

This car (hot rod?) had one of the best flame jobs I’ve ever seen, so I guess it was worth it. Click below to check out the whole thing.

Yashica T / Fuji 160s

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Welcome to olivejuuuuice.

This site will simply be a photo blog of random pictures I have taken. Some might be old, some might be new, some will be film, some will be from an iPhone, but they will most certainly all be random.

Bookmark it and check back often if you like.

This site would not be possible without the help of Harrison Boyce.




is ugly.

La Cienega.

Panasonic DMC-LX2

Baby on board

Someones got jokes…


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walk on the wild side…

Some people in L.A. are definitely not stoked on the Supreme/Lou Reed posters.

Click below for close-up.

Panasonic DMC-LX2

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Dirt Ron

Stoked on Dirt Ron! This was from 08, and Ron has since cut his hair, and is now Clean Ron. Don’t matter though.

Lomo LC-A / Velvia 100 / Cross Processed


Crazy old vans get me psyched. Bonus reflection after some rain.

Yashica T / Porta 160vc