Came across this wild contraption in an even wilder store that sells used cameras and bikes.



Since my dad is awesome, he picked up and sent me a Canonet that he found pretty cheap at a salvation army (or something). Stoked!

Of course I wanted to try it out, so I loaded some film and literally went out real quick and shot anything just to make sure it worked, then dropped the film off at Rite-Aid.

Click below to check out some pics from the roll.

Canonet / Fuji 200

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Let’s Hear it for the Boyce.

Here’s and old (ish) shot of Harrison Boyce in the Coronaside area of California, during one of his visits out this way in 2008.

FYI, Harrison was kind enough to help me get the juuuuice flowing, for which I am very grateful.

CLICK HERE to get familiar.

Panasonic DMC-LX2

Strike a Pose.


Los Angeles.

Canon T1i

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How do you like them apples?

Supermarket run.


whale of a time…

Spotted in Santa Barbara. I’d like to see the Nisshin Maru catch this one, haha. Sorry if you don’t get that.

Panasonic DMC-LX2


Tony Neyer & Dave Jacobs.

Long Beach, CA.

Lomo LC-A / Portra 160vc


Fuck it… I’m opening a Yogurtland. If it’s hot, they will come.

Long Beach, CA.

Canon T1i

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Got some olivejuuuuice stickers in. 2 styles. Juuuuicy!

First 10 people to email me their address will get some free stickers – nuno@defgrip.net

If you wish to pick up some stickers, I have some for sale HERE.

If you wish to pick up some stickers, I have some for sale HERE.

If you wish to pick up some stickers, I have some for sale HERE.

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Have a seat.

While in Mexico for the Elevation comp last year, a bunch of us walked around town and came across these rad (bronze?) sculpture benches. These things were amazing. I like the bird on top of dudes head.

Guadalajara, Mexico.

Lomo LC-A / Porta something or other


I get pretty stoked when I see a bunch of graffiti, art and just overall urban stuff pop up on my Flickr contacts, that I had to dig something up from the archives.

This Neckface van pretty much covers all those bases I think. This thing happened to be outside the old Front Street shop when I visited George there.

New York City.

Panasonic DMX-LX2

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orange you glad…

Santa Barbara, CA.

Yashica T / Fuji 160s

Your Fort is Basic Compared to Mine…

Lomo LC-A / Porta 160vc

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