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Sorry everyone, posts will be non-existent for the next week or so as I embark on an overseas trip.

I’ll be back soon enough and most likely with a bunch of photos.


Lomo LC-A / Kodak 400

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Another pee break pic? Strange.

Anyone who has driven to Vegas from L.A., has definitely passed by this exit and said something along the lines of “what did that sign say?”.

Night time pee break at Zzyzx on the way back from Vegas. Oh, even though you can’t really see shit, Jim Bauer and Stephan Campbell are standing under the sign.

Canon T1i

The Boss.

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As a few of us were leaving Interbike one day, we stumbled upon this wild looking motorcycle.

I say to Aaron, “You won’t get on that motorcycle so I can take a picture”. Without hesitation and making sure that some gnarly dude wasn’t gonna kill us, he hopped on. Dude rules.

This is the new index (hit refresh).

Las Vegas.

Canon T1i

On Guard.

Here’s Anthony (the parking lot guard) in front of his post.

Las Vegas.

Canon T1i

Pee Break.

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Interbike is over. This year went pretty quick, but I’m definitely glad to be home.

Here’s an impromptu pee break in the desert somewhere on the way to Vegas.

Canon T1i.


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I won’t be able to post for the rest of this week, so here is a photo dump to hold you over. Enjoy!!

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Read All About It!

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Newstand session from the weekend.

Harrison Boyce. Los Angeles.

Canonet / Kodak Ektar 100

I’ll take a….

Harrison and Andrew arrived in L.A. yesterday for a quick trip before heading to Vegas for Interbike. We all met up, did a bunch of random stuff (along with Ardelean and Hana) and made good use of our time.

The photo above is us ordering Mexican food before hitting the beach. Harrison ordered a burrito that was the size of my leg.

Canon T1i

Dog Bed

This site gets updated fairly naturally, meaning that I might see or think of something that reminds me of a photo I have.

Today I was passed on the highway by a pickup with a dog in the bed, which reminded me of the above pic. There you go.

Super fast highway dog bed pickup merging onto the 55 freeway. This doesn’t necessarily seem safe to me, but it is pretty common.

Lomo LC-A / Provia 100 / Cross Processed

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This was a dope wall with Augor, Revok and Rime (maybe someone else too).

Revok is one of my favorite artists, such good style.

Los Angeles.

Canon T1i

what are you lookin at?

San Francisco.

Canon T1i


I could be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure things like this make us look stupid.


Roll Out.

Every year around this time, the main strip by me gets closed off for a car show. Lots of people roll into town, show off their vintage automobiles and talk shop. I feel like I see the same cars every year, but there are some really nice cars nonetheless. Considering the rumble of powerful engines a few feet from my apartment is enough to wake me up early, I got up to check out people setting up, but only to a few film snaps.

Anyway… the photo above isn’t from today, but it could be. Just imagine this dude tearing ass back home as the festivities wrapped up, which realistically probably isn’t too far off.

Oh yeah, I want one of THESE.

Canon T1i

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