New York City.

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These guys….

Kurtis Elwell and Ryan Navazio chillin.

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The Week in iPhone Photos (TV Edition)

08.29.10 | iPhone | Tags:

Life’s A Beach!

In keeping with the accidental beach theme of the previous photos, here’s San Clemente.

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Surf’s up!

East Coasters on the West Coast. Here’s my boy Rob board sitting.

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Contax T2 / Porta 400nc

Dip me!

Contax T2 / Porta 400nc

Bunch of Animals…

I swung By Epic bike shop real quick yesterday to say whats up to the Animal dudes, who were in town doing some demos and stuff. I’m pretty sure I saw Mike get violently kicked by some young kid during a game of foot down, haha…

Contax T2 / Porta 400nc

The Week in iPhone Photos

08.22.10 | iPhone | Tags:

Soup of The Day


Party Props

Lomo LC-A / Portra 400vc

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Canon T1i

08.19.10 | Digital,Random | Tags: ,

The B Man!

Texting, not sulking.

Canon T1i

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