Contax T2 / Superia 400


Contax T2 / Portra 400vc

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Austin, 2011.

Canon T1i


Long Beach, CA.

Contax T2 / Portra 400vc

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Lomo LC-A / Ektar 100

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Lomo LC-A / Provia 400 / Cross Processed

My Favorite Camera.

If you were to ask me what my favorite camera was, I’d tell you my Lomo LC-A. This one above. Period.

I own a handful of cameras, all of which serve a purpose and that I thoroughly enjoy using, but this Lomo is my favorite. Sure, I run into sporadic film advancing issue and it feels like it could break at any moment, but still. This thing fits in my back pocket, so it goes with me most places.

More times than not, I have Provia 400 film in it. If not that, some kind of Portra.

This camera technically falls into the “toy camera” category, but that shouldn’t deter you from taking this thing serious. It takes great pictures. At the very least, it has a glass lens. The “zone focus” might be a bit intimidating at first, but you will get the hang of it pretty quick.

That’s it. It’s awesome.

Shot w/ iPhone.

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Canonet / Fuji 200

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One love

Contax T2 / Porta 400vc

Rock out!

Contax T2 / Portra 400vc


Hoang Tran and the Polaroid camera he used to shoot THIS.

Contax T2 / Portra 400vc

Fresh to Death

Contax T2 / Portra 400vc