Unless I’ve gone crazy, this here Obey sticker was put up by me. It’s on a sign near my house back home on Long Island, and was put up over 9 years ago. Crazy.

I came across it while walking around last Christmas.

Canon T1i

Random Taj Drawing

Here’s a random drawing I came across on Taj’s desk. Classic.

Since we are on the topic, you should check out Taj’s blog Fairdale for more assorted goodness.

Canon T1i


Here’s a Revok piece. This dude is one of the best artists in Los Angeles (at least I think so). Click below for some close-up details.

Venice, CA.

Canon T1i

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Los Angeles.

Minolta X-700 / Portra 160vc

Foolish Choice

Los Angeles.

Minolta X-700 / Porta 160vc

Flower Power

Whoever wallpapered the OTX Design office is dialed/insane.

Canon T1i

Back in 10 Minutes!

neckface, sticker, new york city, nyc, olivejuuuuice, nuno oliveira

I’m gonna be away again for the next week or so, so updates will be non existent. Sorry for the downtime. I’m sure I’ll have some goodies when I return.

Neckface. New York City.

Canon T1i

East vs West

art, los angeles, fairfax, beverly, hollywood, west coast

art, new york city, nyc, rivington, broome, bowery, east coast

Here’s some Los Angeles / New York inspired artwork we came across in NY. Luckily, nobody was shot during the installation.

Canon T1i


skullphone, new york, NYC, street art, polly

So Polly thought she would be funny and walk into this shot on me. Good one!


Canon T1i

love is all you need

love is all you need, sidewalk, art, san francisco, juuuuicy

San Francisco.

Canon T1i


obey, giant, san francisco, SF, streets, yashica, portra, juuuuicy

San Francisco.

Yashica T / Porta 400vc

Money To Allocate?

mta, los angeles, graffiti, roller, buff, river, L.A., juuuuicy

The M.T.A. LA “river” tag  has been buffed. This thing was huge and I’m glad I have a photo of it.

I’m sure the state has it’s reasons for worrying about the L.A. “river”, but I think they could use the 3.7 million dollars more wisely right now. Seems like serious business when the Army Corps of Engineers has to be called in. Click below for video.

Lomo LC-A / Can’t remember film / Cross Processed

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Pink Puss.

pink puss, street, venice, chalk, olivejuuuuice, juuuuicy

Seen in Venice, CA.

Canonet / Kodak Ektar 100

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