Andrew Jackson

Los Angeles.

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Out & About w/ G-Sport Gallery

I spent the day with G-Sport dudes yesterday. Peep a photogallery on Defgrip HERE.

Sitting down from L-R starting with yellow hat: Stephen Campbell, Van Homan, Garrett Reeves, Andrew White.

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Just got back from a trade show at QBP in Minnesota. It went well. However, a BIG snowstorm came through on Sunday which caused all flights to be cancelled. I ended up sleeping at the airport, which was a first for me. I didn’t really mind actually since I had a buddy with me, but I’m in no hurry to attend airport camp again.


Be back soon….

No posts for a few days. Be back soon.

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Jones Beach, NY

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Nathan Williams

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Dak Attack!

Spent the day with Dakota, Nathan, Kosman and Will Stroud. Check out a photogallery on DEFGRIP.

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Long Beach, CA

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Alex Magallan. Austin, TX.

I love that he has a Road Atlas in his pocket.

Click below to check out his most recent Sunday web edit.

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Ice Cube in the back room at Empire BMX.

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Shout out to Deschutes Brewery and The Abyss.

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mmmmm, Pizza.

Rounders Pizzeria. This place has a rad vegas theme and good food. Hit it up if you are ever in Austin, TX.

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