Know before you go….

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Seal Beach, CA.

Canon T1i

Ol’ Dirty Snipper

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bill dies, snips, beach, huntington beach, pier, sunset, olivejuuuuice, juuuuicy

Here’s my boy Snips. We killed some Wahoo’s then chilled by the water as the sun went down.

Huntington Beach Pier.

Canonet / Ektar 100

Money To Allocate?

mta, los angeles, graffiti, roller, buff, river, L.A., juuuuicy

The M.T.A. LA “river” tag  has been buffed. This thing was huge and I’m glad I have a photo of it.

I’m sure the state has it’s reasons for worrying about the L.A. “river”, but I think they could use the 3.7 million dollars more wisely right now. Seems like serious business when the Army Corps of Engineers has to be called in. Click below for video.

Lomo LC-A / Can’t remember film / Cross Processed

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I was a few shots away from finishing a roll, so I fired away while at the market. Fuck it, right??

Click below to go shopping.

Yashica T / Porta 400vc

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england, pagham, beach, bench, juuuuicy

Going to England after a week in Las Vegas is quite the change… both places are so different.

Here’s a dude chilling by the water in Pagham. Super chill.

Pagham, England.

Canon T1i

Tunnel Vision.

nike tunnel jam, england, juuuuicy

Check out my photogallery from the Nike Tunnel Jam on Defgrip.

Canon T1i

Out of the Tunnel…

nike tunnel jam

Just got back from the Nike Tunnel Jam in England. It was pretty amazing.

Photo gallery on Defgrip soon…..

Click below to check out a promo for the comp.

Canon T1i

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zzyzx, highway, road, jim bauer, stephan campbell, juuuuicy

Another pee break pic? Strange.

Anyone who has driven to Vegas from L.A., has definitely passed by this exit and said something along the lines of “what did that sign say?”.

Night time pee break at Zzyzx on the way back from Vegas. Oh, even though you can’t really see shit, Jim Bauer and Stephan Campbell are standing under the sign.

Canon T1i

Pee Break.

van, odyssey, bmx, desert, juuuuicy

Interbike is over. This year went pretty quick, but I’m definitely glad to be home.

Here’s an impromptu pee break in the desert somewhere on the way to Vegas.

Canon T1i.


car, sign, don't touch, long beach

I won’t be able to post for the rest of this week, so here is a photo dump to hold you over. Enjoy!!

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Read All About It!

harrison boyce, los angeles, newstand, defgrip, juuuuicy

Newstand session from the weekend.

Harrison Boyce. Los Angeles.

Canonet / Kodak Ektar 100

Happy Labor Day!

This is the day a lot of Americans hit up the beach (or something similar), have a picnic or just straight up relax. The “end of summer” is near and kids are going back to school soon.

So, if you are lucky enough to have the day off, you may or may not need to thank Canada.

Yashica T / Fuji 160s

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Sideways Midget

Here’s Midget Cory in the middle of one of his wild 360′s. You may or may not have seen this photo in the Summer Photo Book on In The Gnar a little while back.

Heaths Jam 2009.

Minolta X-700 / Porta 160nc

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