Just got back from a quick road trip / work trip to Austin, TX to see the crew at OTX.

Here’s Taj’s dog Roscoe. He’s one of many office dogs.

Canon T1i

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Me by Hoang Tran

So Hoang came through work yesterday toting a sweet new Polaroid Land Camera. This particular one folds up real flat and inconspicuous, so I kind of just thought it was a notepad kinda thing and didn’t think much of it.¬†Hoang then busted it out and asked to take a photo, and I said HELL YEAH! I enjoy Hoang’s style of photography, so I was stoked.

Today I got a scan of the Polaroid… so that’s me up there, shot by Hoang Tran.

You can follow Hoang on Tumblr.

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Happy New Year!

…onto 2011.

Contax T2 / Canada Special 200

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Canon T1i

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Closed for the Holidays.

Updates will be slow for the next couple of days as the Holidays take over and traveling commences. Hopefully we don’t drive into a blizzard again.

Happy Holidays to you all.

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Quick Q&A on Breaks of 10

Did a quick little Q&A for the dudes at Break of 10. Check it out HERE.


Lomo LC-A / Provia 400 / Cross Processed

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REVIEW: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Say what you will about Kanye’s “ego” or his outbursts, but I happen to think that he is pretty damn talented. I will also go as far as saying the he is the most interesting thing happening in popular rap music right now, and I will explain why.

I’ve been listening to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy pretty consistently since it’s release, and I have to say that I am impressed by it. Much like “Exile on Main Street” by The Rolling Stones, I’d refer to MBDTF as a “zone-out” album, meaning that it’s lengthy and layered enough to allow you to zone out to it. It is not as easily digestible as a normal POP album, and that is all good by me.

Being a fan of all kinds of music, I definitely noticed some unusual song structures on MBDTF, which is so refreshing. Unusual because rap is pretty straight forward – intro, verse, chorus, verse, I’m gonna kill you, chorus, outro. MBDTF takes some left turns with some extended intros, outros, bridges, musical bits and other little oddities that keep it interesting. For example, having RZA show up to do 1 chorus 5 minutes into a song, or Kanye having 3 verses on Gorgeous before a featured artist (Raekwon) shows up. On “Devil in a New Dress”, I was convinced the song was ending and then Rick Ross’ verse came in. Little things like this make this album interesting. One of Kanye’s strong points is that he is allowed to be artsy and experiment, which is a good thing. The fact that someone like Bon Iver was brought in, says a lot. The overall production on this album is on point, and it sounds good in my car too haha…

However, the same extended outros that I mentioned in the previous paragraph, also kill this album for me a little. Some songs are just too long and could use a little less in spots. That is really the main complaint I have with MBDTF. I am all for longer-than-normal songs, but I really don’t have to hear the same hook for an extra minute after a song is technically over. On the other hand, these little extended bits allow for the “zone-out” aspect of this album, so who knows.

Marketing. I had heard a bunch of the songs on this album prior to buying it, which in most cases would be a bummer, but for me, I was actually happy to own and have all these rad songs I’ve heard in one place. If you were an artist and told me that you were gonna release a bunch of the songs on your album (or let the public hear them before hand) before it’s retail release, I would say that you were crazy, but it actually worked somehow for MBDTF. That movie promo thing was a good idea too, but I turned it off after bird lady came on screen. Too much.

As much as Kanye would probably like for me to call him a genius, I am not going to. I will however say that he is mega-talented, produced an exceptional album and in some ways, we need people like Kanye to keep shit interesting. I hope to hear more albums like MBDTF. I’m not sure what happened on that last album (808′s and Heartbreaks), but this album is dope.

I know I probably sound like a big time Kanye flag waver right now (and I don’t blame you for wanting to throw up just thinking about him), but I just think he did a good job on this one.

How rad is this thing?

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Welcome to the new olivejuuuuice.

I’ve been wanting to freshen up the site for a bit, and we finally got it going with the help of Harrison at Defgrip Studio. Essentially, the new look boils down to the new black background, larger pics and a minimal sidebar. This site was based off the previous one, but changed around just enough to feel new.

In addition, I’m going to open the site up to random blogging. Olivejuuuuice has always been just a “photo blog”, but I want to give myself the freedom to talk about random shit sometimes. However, this site will stay primarily as a photo blog.

Thanks to all of you who continue to come back here to check my stuff out. Thank you!

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Lomo LC-A / Portra 160vc / Double Exposure


Lomo LC-A / Provia 400 / Cross Processed

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