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The shot above is from Vegas, which you might remember a better angle of.

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Aaron Ross

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Yashica T / Porta 400vc


Canon T1i


Joaquin Phoenix Aaron was in town for a few days. Always good to see this dude.

Canon T1i

Aaron & friends

These local kids happened to come by Odyssey yesterday while Aaron Ross was there. His “orange bike” was in the lobby when they walked in, and they knew exactly whose bike it was. They started whispering stuff real low in excitement, even though we could hear them in the back of the office. It was funny. Needless to say, they were stoked. Aaron came out to greet them and let them ride his bike and they were even more stoked. Stuff like this is good to see.

Canon T1i


Orange bike.

Canon T1i

The kids love Aaron…

Here’s Aaron at Fox last weekend tending to the autograph swarm.

Click HERE to check out a little feature I filmed with Aaron for Defgrip.

Contax T2 / Tmax 400

Random iPhone Photos

06.7.12 | iPhone | Tags:


Here’s a bunch of overspill photos I had from the Odyssey Palm Springs trip, along with the edit in case you missed it. I have more photos tucked into THIS photogallery as well.

The photos are a mix of my Contax T2 and Canon DSLR. You can probably tell which is which.


Came across this cool piece hanging in the back room of Empire while in Austin this weekend. It’s colorful and involves crayons. I’m told that Aaron Ross made it.


01.30.12 | Digital,iPhone | Tags:


Hit up the Etnies “King of the Skatepark” jam in Fontana yesterday. Here are a few Instagrams from the day.

Random iPhone Photos

07.10.11 | iPhone | Tags:

Austin in England

Aaron Ross & Devon Hutchins.

Canon T1i

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