Leigh Ramsdell.

Here’s Leigh lurking behind Chase Hawk. Nora Cup 2011.

Contax T2 / Superia 400


Canon T1i


…Watering the jumps at Texas Toast.

Canon T1i

Texas Toast Jam gallery on Defgrip

Just got back from Odyssey’s Texas Toast Jam in Austin. Amazing time!

I put up a photogallery of the jam on Defgrip, so click HERE to check that out.


Chase Hawk. 360. Heath’s Trails. 2008

Lomo LC-A / Can’t Remember Film

Chase Hawk / Oakley / Cult / Odyssey / Defgrip

Head over to DEFGRIP to peep a dope edit that Andrew and Harrison whipped up of Chase Hawk.

Easily one of the best that’s ever done it!!!!!

Canon T1i

Chase Hawk

Empire BMX.

Lomo LC-A / Porta 400vc

Most Viewed on Flickr

I just came across “stats” on my Flickr account and this photo of Chase Hawk has been viewed 8,357 times so far since it went up in early 2008. People must be Googling Chase like crazy or something…. the 2nd most viewed pic is THIS ONE with 3,173 views, haha… My Flickr has since taken a back seat to this blog, but it’s still useful and I check it all the time.

This session at Heath’s Trails was my first time using the Lomo LC-A and I’ve been a fan since. I might not have even been on the right focus setting and I’m pretty sure this roll was developed at Rite-Aid too, but I’m still happy with it. Normally this particular jump is swarmed with media/photographers, so I was really psyched to get such an empty photo of Chase.

Lomo LC-A / Can’t Remember Film

Chase Hawk

Here’s Chase Hawk chillin at Empire BMX.

Click below to check out a clip of him on the Empire ramp.

Canon T1i

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Chase Hawk

chase hawk, empire bmx, tattoo, juuuuicy

Lomo LC-A / can’t remember film

Chase Hawk.

chase hawk, bmx, odyssey, chillin, heath's trails, juuuuicy

Click below to check out Chase’s part in Electronical.

Lomo LC-A / Don’t know film.

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Look what flew in.

Chase Hawk swung by the office today before heading back to Austin. It was good to see the dude.

Click below to watch Chase in action.


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Chase Hawk with a modern day nac-nac. I can definitely co-sign these. Click to see it bigger.

Heath’s jam 2009.

Minolta X-700 / Portra 160nc