2012 Scrapbook on Defgrip

Posted a scrapbook of photos I took in 2012 over on Defgrip. Go HERE.

Dennis Enarson Interview

Head over to Defgrip to check out an interview I did with Dennis Enarson.

2011 Scrapbook on Defgrip

I just posted a bunch of photos from this year over on Defgrip. Go HERE to check them out.

Lomo LC-A / Provia 400 / Cross Processed

Rebel Jam / Defgrip Photogallery

Just got back from Rebel Jam in the Netherlands. It was awesome. Thanks to Andy Zeiss and the Vans crew.

I posted a big photogallery and write-up on Defgrip from the trip. Check it HERE.


Contax T2 / Superia 400

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Jon Contino Q&A on Defgrip

Just posted a Q&A with Jon Contino on Defgrip. His stuff is great, check it out.

Part 3

I’ve posted Part 3 of my “camera setup” series on Defgrip. Go HERE.

Nike Pool Defgrip Edit.

Back in May, Harrison Boyce and I were flown out to England to cover Nike’s POOL event for Defgrip. I went to SHOOT PHOTOS, and Harrison was on video duties. After tackling some other jobs since the event, Harrison was able to dig into the POOL footage. The above edit is the final result.

Most of the coverage from the POOL was “informative” and usually dropped the same day or soon after. This is totally fine because people want to know what’s up as quick as possible, but if you want something with feeling that captures a vibe, than watch the edit that Harrison made above. I was there, and this edit was still exciting for me to watch numerous times. The 30 plus comments on Defgrip can back me up.

Shout out to Harrison for making BMX look good. For real.

Kachinsky interview for Defgrip

I put together an interview with Brian Kachinsky for Defgrip. Go check it out now if you haven’t seen it yet.

Here’s BK at The Pool in England.

Canon T1i


I put together a feature for Defgrip where I asked 10 photographers, “What is your camera setup of choice and why?”. There is a good mix of people and some great responses.┬áThis is part 1, more to come soon.

Check it out HERE.



Contax T2 / Canada Special 200

Chase Hawk / Oakley / Cult / Odyssey / Defgrip

Head over to DEFGRIP to peep a dope edit that Andrew and Harrison whipped up of Chase Hawk.

Easily one of the best that’s ever done it!!!!!

Canon T1i



Canon T1i

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