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Lomo LC-A / Provia 400 / Cross Processed

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Another pee break pic? Strange.

Anyone who has driven to Vegas from L.A., has definitely passed by this exit and said something along the lines of “what did that sign say?”.

Night time pee break at Zzyzx on the way back from Vegas. Oh, even though you can’t really see shit, Jim Bauer and Stephan Campbell are standing under the sign.

Canon T1i

Dog Bed

This site gets updated fairly naturally, meaning that I might see or think of something that reminds me of a photo I have.

Today I was passed on the highway by a pickup with a dog in the bed, which reminded me of the above pic. There you go.

Super fast highway dog bed pickup merging onto the 55 freeway. This doesn’t necessarily seem safe to me, but it is pretty common.

Lomo LC-A / Provia 100 / Cross Processed

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