Long Beach, CA.

Minolta X-700 / Porta 160vc


Minolta X-700 / Porta 160nc

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs….

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Minolta XG-9 / Sensia 400 / Cross Processed

Villa Riviera

long beach, california, building, villa riviera, juuuuicy

This is the Villa Riviera building in downtown Long Beach, California.

This 16 story French Gothic building was constructed in 1929 and was the second tallest building in Southern California at the time. The Villa overlooks Long Beach, the ocean and is currently home to “sought-after” condos. It also overlooks the Long Beach Grand Prix every year, which may or may not be annoying.

In 1996, the Villa Riviera received recognition as a National Historical Landmark.

Lomo LC-A / Velvia 100 / Cross Processed

Long Brrrrrrrrrreach

palm trees, beach, port, sky, clouds, long beach, california, juuuuicy

It seems as though “winter” has moved into Cali. I know what most of you are probably thinking, but it is chilly as I type this. Perhaps briefly, but it is still chilly. Brrrrrrr.

Panasonic DMC-LX2

Everybody loves the sunshine.

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Long Beach, CA.

Lomo LC-A / Ektar 100

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High Rise

building, long beach, california, ocean blvd, Lomo lc-a, juuuuicy

Long Beach, CA.

Lomo LC-A / Provia 100 / Cross Processed

No Parking.

no parking, long beach, stencil, alley, olivejuuuuice, juuuuicy

Long Beach, CA.

Lomo LC-A / ilford Delta 400


riviera, car, red, grey, long beach, juuuuicy

Not that I’ve seen many, but this is the best Buick Riviera I’ve ever seen.

Canonet / Ektar 100

Beach Path

beach path, california, long beach, bike, sand, fog, juuuuicy, olivejuuuuice

Belmont Shore, CA.

Canon T1i

Belmont Shore Inn

motel, belmont shore, long beach, california, juuuuicy, cross processed

Konica C35 / Provia 100 / Cross Processed


palm tree, long beach, lomo lc-a, film, juuuuicy, cross process

It’s rainy in the LBC, so here are some palm trees for ya.

Lomo LC-A / Velvia 100 / Cross Processed / Double Exposure

Roll Out.

Every year around this time, the main strip by me gets closed off for a car show. Lots of people roll into town, show off their vintage automobiles and talk shop. I feel like I see the same cars every year, but there are some really nice cars nonetheless. Considering the rumble of powerful engines a few feet from my apartment is enough to wake me up early, I got up to check out people setting up, but only to a few film snaps.

Anyway… the photo above isn’t from today, but it could be. Just imagine this dude tearing ass back home as the festivities wrapped up, which realistically probably isn’t too far off.

Oh yeah, I want one of THESE.

Canon T1i

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