Here’s a bunch of overspill photos I had from the Odyssey Palm Springs trip, along with the edit in case you missed it. I have more photos tucked into THIS photogallery as well.

The photos are a mix of my Contax T2 and Canon DSLR. You can probably tell which is which.


Been to Palm Springs and Minnesota within one week. I’m back!

Here’s the view from the backyard of the Odyssey house in Palm Springs. More soon on that.

Click below for a little flipbook of iPhone shots from the crew.

Contax T2 / Porta 400vc

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Texas Toast. Austin, TX.

Canon T1i

Eric Lichtenberger

Here’s some pics of Eric filming for his ODSY-VISION, which you can check out below.

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Aaron & friends

These local kids happened to come by Odyssey yesterday while Aaron Ross was there. His “orange bike” was in the lobby when they walked in, and they knew exactly whose bike it was. They started whispering stuff real low in excitement, even though we could hear them in the back of the office. It was funny. Needless to say, they were stoked. Aaron came out to greet them and let them ride his bike and they were even more stoked. Stuff like this is good to see.

Canon T1i

Texas Toast Jam gallery on Defgrip

Just got back from Odyssey’s Texas Toast Jam in Austin. Amazing time!

I put up a photogallery of the jam on Defgrip, so click HERE to check that out.

Painting w/ Terry Adams

Recently, Terry Adams came out to Cali to film a little Odyssey web project that Bauer and Francis cooked up. It seems more like a challenge though, haha….

A little flatland zone was built, painted white and Terry was to leave tracks as he rode with paint on his tires. If flatland wasn’t hard enough as it is, imagine doing it with wet paint on your tires, pegs, shoes and ground. Terry definitely “slid out” a bunch, but came through like a champ in the end.

I shot the photo above at the end of it all.

Canon T1i

Click below to peep the edit.

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Gary Young!!!

Click below to check out Gary Young’s new Odyssey edit. Trails, Park, Street = Awesome.

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Click below to check out the new Odyssey promo that just dropped. Everyone worked hard on this and I am so stoked on the end result. You will see footage of Tom Dugan 360′ing over the valley too. HEAT!

Lomo LC-A / Provia 400 / Cross Processed

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The B Man!

Texting, not sulking.

Canon T1i

Shady Van.

The Odyssey van on Empire BMX surveillance. Shady…

Canon T1i


Tom Dugan making use of random things in the Odyssey office.

Canon T1i