Hit up the Etnies “King of the Skatepark” jam in Fontana yesterday. Here are a few Instagrams from the day.


Yashica T / Portra 160vc


Joaquin Phoenix Aaron was in town for a few days. Always good to see this dude.

Canon T1i

Hey! Settle down back there…

Gary and Aaron in the back of the Odyssey van.

Panasonic DMC-LX2

Chase Hawk / Oakley / Cult / Odyssey / Defgrip

Head over to DEFGRIP to peep a dope edit that Andrew and Harrison whipped up of Chase Hawk.

Easily one of the best that’s ever done it!!!!!

Canon T1i

Couch Hop.

As a young rider starting out, it’s probably normal to think that working for a BMX company (or any sweet company) would be the “best job ever”. As a young adult, I can tell you that it’s really just a job, and at times, hard/stressful/annoying work (while ultimately not being that bad at all).

Today however, would fall into the “best job ever” category. Aaron Ross was in town and was at Odyssey ALL DAY. Gary Young and Tom Perry also showed up mid-day for some bike work and chilling. Aaron ended up doing a spontaneous live streaming web chat which got pretty crazy and we all couldn’t help but join in and out as that was going on. Once the word went out on the internets, there were hundreds of kids tuning in and asking Aaron questions. It was crazy and loud.

Out of nowhere, Bauer was egged on/forced to bunnyhop the Odyssey couch inside the office somehow. As soon as I saw that was about to go down, I grabbed my camera and set up as fast as I could. Bauer got it done, and it was the perfect wacky end to an unusual day of hardly getting any “real” work done.

Canon T1i

iPhone Photo From The Week?

Wasn’t too inspired to pull off the Week in iPhone Photos this week, so here’s a shot of Bauer’s dog, Foxy lady, at the office this week.

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that was good….

Odyssey crew leaving Chuy’s in Austin, TX.

Lomo LC-A / Porta 400vc

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Chase Hawk

Here’s Chase Hawk chillin at Empire BMX.

Click below to check out a clip of him on the Empire ramp.

Canon T1i

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Back from Texas.

texas, entrance, sign, neon

Just got back from a road trip to Austin, TX. Sweet place.

I posted a photogallery from the trip on Defgrip. Click below for a few samples and hit up Defgrip for the whole lot.

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scooter, odyssey, bmx, jim bauer, francis delapena

You may remember a photo a while back of Bauer bunnyhopping Francis’ scooter.

Well, this photo above is after Jim attempted to 180 over the scooter and clipped. The brilliantly captured action shot above is actually the scooter tipping over while Jim and Francis try to save it, haha…. classic.

Click below for the aftermath.

Yashica T / Porta 400vc

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Chase Hawk.

chase hawk, bmx, odyssey, chillin, heath's trails, juuuuicy

Click below to check out Chase’s part in Electronical.

Lomo LC-A / Don’t know film.

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Pee Break.

van, odyssey, bmx, desert, juuuuicy

Interbike is over. This year went pretty quick, but I’m definitely glad to be home.

Here’s an impromptu pee break in the desert somewhere on the way to Vegas.

Canon T1i.

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