Every February I head to Minnesota for work. I’ve gone into the frozen tundra of Minnesota for numerous years without any weather hassle, but this year was different. As luck would have it, a big snow storm rolled in.

As the final day of my trip came around, the snow showed up and many flights started to get cancelled early in the day. For some reason, my flight back to LA was “on time” that afternoon. Myself, along with the Stolen dudes and Eric from EYE bikes were skeptical, but we stayed positive and headed to the airport anyway. The drive was basically in whiteout conditions and the shuttle driver actually asked us if we really thought a plane was gonna fly out in this weather?? Our flight was still “on time”, so we could only hope for the best.

We got there, checked in and waited. Our original flight got cancelled and re-scheduled once (maybe twice) before they just cancelled all flights at about 9 or so at night. Eric and I got re-scheduled the next morning at 9 am, so we just decided to sleep at the airport. It was my first time sleeping at an airport and was kind of excited, haha… after all, there was nothing I could do. We could have gotten a hotel, but just said fuck it. The airport had some fold out mats that we slept on, so at least I didn’t have to slouch in a chair all night like a crazy person. I remember randomly walking around the airport at whatever hour after some sleep and buying some pickle flavored potato chips, haha….

This photo was early Sunday as the white stuff was coming down.

Contax T2 / Portra 400vc


Just got back from a trade show at QBP in Minnesota. It went well. However, a BIG snowstorm came through on Sunday which caused all flights to be cancelled. I ended up sleeping at the airport, which was a first for me. I didn’t really mind actually since I had a buddy with me, but I’m in no hurry to attend airport camp again.