During an impromptu dinner with Bauer and Tristan in Costa Mesa a few weeks back, I stumbled upon this Revok “RVCA” piece behind a low key Wahoo’s (possibly the first Wahoo’s restaurant). I remember seeing posts about this being painted, so it was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon it.

I know it’s semi-pointless to have a B&W photo of graffiti, but it is what it is.

Contax T2 / Tmax 400


Here’s a Revok piece. This dude is one of the best artists in Los Angeles (at least I think so). Click below for some close-up details.

Venice, CA.

Canon T1i

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This was a dope wall with Augor, Revok and Rime (maybe someone else too).

Revok is one of my favorite artists, such good style.

Los Angeles.

Canon T1i